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Episode 42: THIS is Why You Need to Quit Settling

Episode 42: THIS is Why You Need to Quit Settling

THIS is Why You Need to Quit Settling

Hey guys and welcome, welcome, welcome to yet another episode of Kosmo Unfiltered.

Once again, I’m joined by my man, Wes, and today’s episode is a special one.

Today, we are gonna be talkin’ about why you gotta do the exact opposite of what every single other person tells you to do.

Yup, today’s episode is all about why you should stop settling.

So make sure to check it all out!

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And let’s get right into it!

This is what I’ve learnt in the last month

So one thing I’ve learned in the last month is to always trust your gut.

You know, my whole life, I was always told…

… Sit down…

… Be quiet…

… Do as you're told…

And ya’know… I was thinking about it recently, then I thought to myself,

“Why does everyone tell me to slow down?!”

I couldn’t understand it.

And I’m a firm believer in that there’s a lesson to be learned in everything…

So I came to think that yeah… I probably do need to slow down…

But am I gonna do it?


So what should I do? Eventually, I came to realize that the best thing to do is to surround myself with good people that really understand.

Because when I think of the people who I work with, some of them are the most diligent people I’ve ever met. And I’m … uhh…

I’m the opposite.

So what that means is, that we can both go at full speed and neither of us have to settle.

So it’s a win-win scenario.

Like I can think of a very specific example of a project we’re working on right now… And I was speaking to this guy. Normally when we talk about, ‘settling', we talk about slowing down…

But I thought… what if instead of slowing down… we just go full speed?

And I swear we got more done in 5 days than what would normally take longer than a month. It is INSANE.

So I just thought, what if we address the needs upfront, then move from there?

And that’s how it all worked out.

Wes spoke about the same thing, too.

He was listening to a guy on a podcast who was the manager of the biggest hedge fund in the world. 

And he basically said that all your success will depend on your ability to form and lead a team.

And that falls exactly into what we were talking about, because if you can’t figure out how to take people with you as you grow, then you’re always gonna be stuck.

And that comes back to the same idea that you always need to have people around you who complement your strengths and take away your weaknesses.

Leading by Force

So when it comes to getting people alongside you, I think it comes down to how you lead them.

And leading by force is not a good way to go.

Because that's exactly how my generation was brought up.

And don’t get me wrong, I’ve led like that before in my time. But when you want to get people alongside you and onto the same page as you to hit the same goals…

It ain’t gonna work.

The only way that you can do that is by building a team that lets people use their own strengths and minimize their weaknesses.

And it ain’t easy, but it’s always worth it.

So what actually is settling?

In my eyes, settling is when you walk away from a thing and you didn’t win.

And there’s this old saying that I used to say, it was like: “Be careful what you tolerate, because it will become your new norm.”

And I mean you can tolerate things once, and it will be okay… if you do it twice, next thing you know it will be 10 times and it’s already the new norm.

That’s the way that habits work, it’s the way our brains work.

So you can either use it for you or against you.

Your choice.


What’s a way you could settle less? Let us know by tagging us on social media!

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