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Episode 33: 10 Life Lessons Most People Learn Too Late

Episode 33: 10 Life Lessons Most People Learn Too Late

Hello everybody, and welcome, welcome, welcome to yet another episode of Kosmo Unfiltered. 

Once again, I’m joined by the one… the only… the main star of the event… it’s Wes, ladies and gentlemen.

Now I was soo looking forward to today’s episode. This is one that I’m super excited about.

Been looking forward to this one for a while.

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Uhh… It’s Your Fault!

See, here’s the thing.

A lot of people aren’t happy with where they are in life.

Whether it’s their career, family life, health… whatever.

But here’s the thing…

Almost always, the only person responsible for that… is the person who is actually in the mess!

And that’s what I mean when I say a lot of people end up regretting the life that they chose for themselves. 

This is what leads them to this strange kind of ‘victim’ mentality. 

And I’ll tell you what… it’s a lot more common than you think!

Like just recently, I was talking to someone, and they came out with the ‘poor-me’ and the ‘man-I-just-can’t-catch-a-break’ sorta stuff.

You know what I did?

I just got up and left.

I ain’t having any of that.


I mean, I just don’t want to have to deal with that kind of negativity in my life. Just really don’t want anything to do with it.

So today, I want to cover some things that I think people learn a little too late in life.

Have a read through these (you can find the full list if you tune in for this episode) and let us know what you think:

Everything is Temporary

This is one that I actually think people never learn.

And I always remember, for me, the moment this kinda switched in my mind.

That was a real game-changing moment for me. Like a bit of a kick in the butt.

Life Isn’t Fair 

Guess what, man, this is the truth.

Whether you like it or not.

Life isn’t fair… and people don’t care about you as much as you think they do. At the end of the day, life doesn’t care if you had a rough childhood or if you had an easy one.

It doesn’t know… and it definitely doesn’t care.

You Are Responsible for Your Own Happiness

I think this is one that we actually made an episode on recently.

You are responsible for your happiness and your happiness only.

Nobody else, not your spouse, your co-workers, or your friends, is responsible for making you happy.

Oh... and on the flip-side of that one.

You are not responsible for anyone else’s happiness. 

Sure, you can add or subtract to someone else’s happiness… but it ain’t your responsibility. And that’s the truth.

Choose Your Cellmate Wisely

Haha, I love telling this one to people.

‘Choose your cellmate wisely’

When I say this to people, they always look at me funny.

And I don’t think that they’re gonna end up in jail, but in this one, I’m talking about your spouse. Because basically, once you get married, you are locked with them for a lifetime.

Wes thinks it’s an unromantic way of seeing the world… but it’s true!

So make sure you pick wisely… because you don’t want to have to get out of it!

Words Are Like Bullets

This is definitely one that I learned too late in life. Words are like bullets. Once you shoot them, you can’t ever get them back.

Dude, I always thought it was more important for me to express myself than for me to fully listen to what other people were going to say. And boy, was I wrong.

But luckily, I paid attention to the lesson above and picked the right cellmate.

Otherwise, I’d be in big trouble. ;)

Money Can’t Fix a Lifetime of Bad Choices

This is one that I believe in strongly. I’ve seen it happen so many times before.

I’ve seen situations where people made bad choices, were miserable… got a bit of money… made even worse choices, and got even more miserable.

Trust me, it's not something that you want to see.

Luckily for me, it’s not something I’ve had to deal with in my life, but I’ve seen first-hand the damage it causes.


Which one of these have you been struggling with most?

What can you do to try and make it better in the future? Let us know by tagging us on social media! @kosmounfiltered.


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