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Episode 32: How to Recognize Signs of Fake Friends Before It’s Too Late

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Hello everybody, and welcome, welcome, welcome to another episode of Kosmo Unfiltered. 

Once again, today we’re joined by my man Wes…  

Now today’s episode is special. 

Today I wanna talk about your buddies.

Yup, that group of people that *hopefully* came into your head as you read this introduction.

They’re the ones we're gonna talk about.

So strap yourself in, and let’s do it! 

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Are They in Your Circle but Not Your Corner?

Alright. Time to get deep.

So, here’s the score.

What I mean by the statement above is this:

You got 4 quadrants. 4 groups.

  • Someone in your circle and in your corner
  • Someone in your circle but not in your corner.
  • Someone not in your circle but in your corner
  • Somebody not in your circle or your corner

    Now I wanna tell a quick story.

    Now just to clarify… I don’t see myself as rich.

    But I always try to give back to people.

    So basically… I was at an event, talking to some guys. We were talking about our hopes and dreams.

    And I was saying, ‘Yeah, man, I’d love to do this, that and the other blah, blah blah.’

    And they were like, ‘Hell yeah, man!’

    Apart from one guy. 

    He got really upset with me. He was saying things like, ‘You’re embarrassing yourself. Shut up, man’.

    And you know I was thinking about that afterwards, and I thought he was wrong.

    I mean, you guys checking us out on YouTube can see how I look. I mean, I dress homeless, for heaven’s sake.

    And later on, I was talking to one of my buddies about it, and he said something to me which shocked me.

    He told me, “Yeah… you got 2 or 3 buddies who are just waiting on your downfall”.

    And I thought, “Holy sh*t.”

    Now one thing I always look for is kinda passive-aggressive comments from people. Like when I get comments like that from people now… I just cut them out.

    Like here’s the thing about circles and corners. This is where someone can get moved out of my corner but still stay in the circle. I might still say hi… you know.

    But I ain’t gonna tell you all my feelings and what not, you get me?

    $10 Entry

    See, the way that I see it now is my social life is like a club.

    And there’s an entry fee to get in.

    Now it’s not $10…, but it’s the same idea. You gotta be willing to pay the price.

    And once you get inside, there are some rules involved… like a real club.

    Like if you’re acting like a clown inside Club D… you’re getting your ass thrown out onto the sidewalk.

    And I think everyone should have the right to do this. 

    At the end of the day… if someone is trying to drag you down… they just have to go.

    Period. End of.

    What It All Comes Down To

    I mean, at the end of the day… it all comes down to self awareness.

    That’s what really matters most.

    Do you have the self awareness to see how other people make you feel? Do you know how to respond to this? Do you understand how any response might make you feel?

    These are all the kinda questions that you ended to answer.

    Knowing the best course of action all comes from self awareness.


    How could you be more self aware to see when these problems arrive? Let us know on social media @kosmounfiltered!


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