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Episode 26: How to Win on Your Bad Days

Episode 26: How to Win on Your Bad Days

Hello everybody, and welcome, welcome, welcome to another episode of Kosmo Unfiltered. 

I’m Kosmo, and as usual, I’m gonna be joined today by my man Wes.

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So I’m excited about today’s episode. It’s a good topic.

Today we’re gonna be talking about how you can win on your bad days.

Let’s jump right in.

Story Time

Yup. That’s right, I’m diving in at the deep end today.

It’s storytime.

So when I was writing my notes out for this episode, this actually came into my head. 

This episode was just about a bad day for me. Simple as.

As the name suggests, this was a day that I lost. Plain and simply took the L.

So we were shooting a video one day at home with my wife.

Yes. I know what you’re thinking. I think you know how this may end.

Basically… my wife isn’t a camera person, but I don’t blame her - I’m not even a camera person! 

So I remember this was a super hot day, and we were using a Canon to film. But, the thing about Canons is that if you leave those bad boys out in the sun for a little while on a hot day…

It’s game over. Just shuts off.

So I asked my wife to help me record a video.

We shot the video. Everything was good. Then towards the end, I asked her:

“How does the video look?”

And she replied,

“Oh… I don’t know… I can’t see the screen.”

As soon as I heard that, I immediately knew what had happened. And then I went totally ape s***.

Like, I was just so mad that we didn’t get the video… I had to do it all again and just lost control of it.

And every time I think of this, I actually feel obliged to apologize to my wife again.

So sweetheart, if you’re reading this… please know that I was wrong, and I apologize again.

But that day was on me. I know some of you guys struggle with this one too. 

Are You in This Group?

So I’ve gone and done the numbers.

Basically… I wanted to know how many other people get this feeling that their day has just turned into a nuclear bomb.

And I found that:

  • 65% of office workers have experienced office rage. 
  • 69% of all parents said if they knew a more positive way to parent, they would do it.

    I mean, the way that I see that is that basically, 69% of parents have admitted to totally losing their s*** at their kids before.

    Oh, and 65% have done it to their colleagues.

    Says a lot, huh?

    So how do we go about fixing this?

    Well, I’ll be honest for a start. Me and my wife both went to counseling. And it definitely did help us.

    That was what gave me the chance to fully re-program my mind into realizing when I was getting mad.

    I mean, I realized that once you crossed a certain point, it was impossible to ride the wave of anger. It’s like trying to push the sea waves back out with your own two hands. It just won’t work.

    So the big thing for me was to try and work out why I was being angry and then be able to calm myself down then.

    Otherwise, it will just snowball into an unstoppable force that even I can’t control. 

    But don’t get me wrong. Sometimes anger can be very useful, especially at times when you need it. 

    A way I always thought of this was like a theatre.

    Imagine you’re putting on a play. 

    You’re the only person on stage.

    You could be any emotion you want. Any of them - happiness, sadness, bliss, anger…

    But when it’s time to change emotion, one of them has to leave the stage, and the other has to come out.

    Because they can’t come out on the same stage together. That’s not possible. 

    Like that Disney Movie, I think ‘Inside Out’ they call it.

    That’s exactly how it works. 


    So what is that 1 thing for you that you know if you could control, you could make a bad day spin into a worse day? I mean that 1 thing that when you pop, you instantly regret it?

    Let us know on social media @kosmounfiltered!


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