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Episode 25: Your Simple Guide to Destroying Your Worst Habit

Episode 25: Your Simple Guide to Destroying Your Worst Habit

Hello everybody, and welcome, welcome, welcome…

… to another episode of Kosmo Unfiltered!

Today I’m here with my man, Wes.

And we’re gonna be talkin’ about somethin’ pretty special. 

We’re gonna be talkin’ about the lessons that you struggle to learn.

You got that?

All the things you just know you gotta do… but you just can’t get it strapped in. That’s what we’re gonna be talkin about.

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So get buckled up, and let’s get right into it!

That Voice in My Head Told Me…

So here’s the thing, ladies and gentlemen.

When we were making the episode of this podcast, we were originally gonna call it “The Demons we Struggle With.” 

Because it’s essentially that little voice that you have in your head all the time, which is what drives your decisions.

Now I don’t mean to sound crazy… like some psychopathic kinda s***.

But you know that little voice in your head that… you know… it’s like a running commentary of your life.

That’s the little voice that we’re talkin’ about.

And the reason I say this… is because the truth is, ladies and gentlemen, that these demons will repeat themselves over and over and over again until you learn how to properly deal with them.

Which is exactly what today’s episode is all about.

Man, when I was young, I didn’t wanna listen to anybody. I was just hard-headed as hell.

Super stubborn. Like if you told me to do something… I literally wouldn’t do it just because you told me to do it.

That’s how bad I was.

Is This the Demon You Struggle With?

So maybe some of you are starting to relate to this one.

Maybe you got some demons of your own, that might be... I don’t know - it could be alcohol, smoking, drugs… whatever it might be.

But I believe that everyone has the one thing that they struggle with over and over again. That’s their demon.

And heck, your demon could be anything! Doesn’t have to be really bad stuff. Could be hitting your snooze button every morning or not drinking enough water in the day.

But these are the lessons that you have to learn over and over and over again in order to fully take them onboard.

Like mine, for example, is something that my wife always tells me. She would always say: “Why don’t you have a filter?”.

Now, this was before Kosmo Unfiltered, if that’s what you’re thinking.

But ya’know… I’d always just say whatever it was that I thought. She’d always be the one who pulled me back on it.

Is It Your Fault?

So here’s the thing.

When somebody is dealing with issues like this, the first thing society will say is something comforting.

You know something like, “Ahh, hey man, this isn’t your fault.”

And in some senses, there’s a lot of truth to that. Like, I think there are some people who deal with demons like this, and you could certainly look them in the eye and say that it’s not their fault.

But that’s just a small section, I believe.

For most others, uhhh… It kinda is your fault.

Like, I mean, don’t come to me and complain about how and your home life is if you’re sittin’ in the bar every other damn day… you get me?

And I think it’s a real danger when people grab ahold of these excuses and they really fall for them.

‘Cos, that’s just not taking responsibility for your actions. And you guys know how much I hate that!

And it’s a lot more than just whatever you’re dealing with.

I mean, it’s exactly how Wes puts it.

The situations you find yourself in are almost always just a reflection of your mentality and your actions.

Like, take, for example, if your car makes these really funny noises.

Like time after time again.

And you don’t do anything?

I mean, you deserve everythin that you get if you ask me.

So when it comes to the other issues you deal with or that you’re procrastinating on… then it’s the exact same thing.

It’s always about taking responsibility and ownership of their lives. 


What demons have you been struggling with in your life? How can you deal with them better? Let us know on social media @kosmounfiltered! 


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