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Episode 61: This Skill Will Make You Unfireable!

Episode 61: This Skill Will Make You Unfireable!

Hello and welcome, welcome, welcome to yet another episode of Kosmo Unfiltered.

As usual, it’s me, Kosmo and I’m joined by my boy, Wes…

And today’s episode is one that you gotta listen to.

Because in today’s episode, we are gonna be talkin’ about the one skill that is going to make you unfireable.

I mean I don't care what you do, where you work or any of that stuff. This skill will make a massive difference to your career whether you realize it or not.

So let’s jump in.

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So let’s get started.

So What is This Skill?

What do you think the skill is?

I bet ya you thought of something like people skills, right?

I mean… that can get you a long way, and these things are kinda related, but loosely.

The number one skill that will make you unfireable is…

*drum roll*


Yup. That’s it.

And if you wanna turn the speed up and add something else to the mix to make you even more unfireable…

It would be loyalty + actually giving a s*** about becoming better everyday.

I mean I sure know if you were in my company and like that, you’d be golden. Absolutely golden.

But I mean I don’t know if this is something everybody experiences, but I just can’t get mad or upset at someone who tries day after day to get better at what they do.

I just can’t. Maybe because I can relate to them in some way, but I just can't.

I mean I used to always remember some people asking me what their job was, and my response was simple.

I’d point to the back wall, the front wall, the floor and the ceiling and explain that anything that happened in here was their responsibility. No excuses whatsoever.

Because you hear of a ton of people nowadays who just feel so entitled, like you know the “Well… technically that’s not in my job description,” kind of people.

Man I just ain’t got the time for them.

The Third Golden Skill

OK, so you gotta be loyal. That’s a no-brainer.

But you also gotta be better at improving everyday.

There’s also one last thing which if you can do, you will literally be untouchable.

And that is if you can spread those traits and skills to other people in the company, and raise the standards higher, then you’re literally untouchable.

You are literally made out of fine gold. You’re crushing it.

As long as you can do all of the above and fit into the company culture of whatever place you’re working in, then you’re possibly the closest thing you can be to perfect.


What other skills can make you unfireable? Let us know and tag us on social media @kosmounfiltered.

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