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Episode 58: THIS Is Why You Should Be Grateful

Episode 58: THIS Is Why You Should Be Grateful

 Hello everybody and welcome, welcome, welcome to yet another amazing episode of Kosmo Unfiltered.

As usual, it’s me and my boy Wes… And today we’re gonna be talking about one thing: Gratitude.

We’re gonna talk about what it is, why we should practice it more, and reveal the things we are truly grateful for in our lives.

So let’s get in to it! 

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So let’s get started!

What I’m Grateful For

So every time I hear the word gratitude, there is always one thing that comes into my head.

It was a story with an old mentor.

We were just talking one time, until he turned to me and said, “What are you grateful for?”

“Uhh… I’m grateful to be alive… to be here.” I replied.

“No, no, no… What do you specifically say out loud when you have something that you are grateful for?”

“Uhh I don’t say anything…”

“Then you’re not grateful for anything. You’re just acting like it”.

So from then on, every single morning I would look in the mirror and I would say to myself, out loud, everything that i was grateful for.

And that’s when it really started to change for me.

Because when you look in the mirror and say things out loud to yourself, that’s when it really starts to make a difference.

I mean there’s no denying you’re gonna feel weird as hell when you’re doing it, but that discomfort is what makes it work.

The Truth About Balance

I mean I hear people say all the time that there is no such things as a work life balance.

But I mean…

I guess maybe that’s true for you…

Because maybe that’s just the way you’re wired…

But the way I see it is that’s just the life that you chose.

I mean I like spending time with my friends, I love my family.

And when these things get out of balance then something has to suffer.

Wes says it perfectly, like he loves playing around with his kids, so when someone say to him that he’s very family-oriented, it feels a little weird, because he thinks that all families should be like that.

How to Have More Gratitude

But then again, I guess it all comes back to having that conversation out loud with yourself in front of the mirror, you know?

So the best way to get started is in the morning, in front of the mirror, start talking to yourself.

Start to say out loud the things that you’re grateful for.

But if you’re living with a partner or something like that, then maybe make sure that they know first.

I remember my wife started to freak out, asking who I was talking to!

But just start listing off a couple things about your life that you’re grateful for.

And get specific with it, too!

Get as specific as you possibly can and you’ll start to see the rewards from it. You’re going to start re-training your brain to be able to see the positives from whatever situation you find yourself in.


What things are you grateful for? Let us know and tag us on social media!

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