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Episode 44: I Lost Thousands of $$$ Thanks to THIS Mistake

Episode 44: I Lost Thousands of $$$ Thanks to THIS Mistake

Hello everybody and welcome, welcome, welcome to yet another episode of Kosmo Unfiltered. 

I’m joined by my man Wes, and today’s episode is gonna be a good one for all you guys…

And bad for me.

Why’s that?

Because in today’s episode, we are gonna be talking about the biggest flop that I’ve had in business, and reveal exactly what I learned from it.

Yup. I’m gonna be talking about the time I f***ed up, and tell you what you can learn from it.

Are you ready?

Then let’s get into it!

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But without further ado, let’s get right into it!

This Was my Biggest Flop

So my biggest flop was…

*drum roll* 

Spending too much on ads and emails.

There it was.

I mean I worked with a bunch of guys before to run ads, but I don’t even know if a single one of them are in business now.

I honestly don’t know. And I wouldn’t be surprised if a few of them aren’t.

Just wouldn’t surprise me at all. I mean they had all the talk but they didn’t know how to act on it.

So the 3 biggest things that I learned from this was:

1. Trust, but Verify

See, the issue with most people is that they don’t wanna be held accountable.

They wanna just hand over control to someone else and let them take the hit.

But as I learnt the hard way, it just doesn’t work like that.

And the most important thing here is that you have to act on this. I mean if you start questioning someone and they ask,

“What?! You don’t believe me?”.

You just gotta tell them you’re asking for the truth. That’s all.

And they should be able to understand that.

So that’s the first thing.

The next thing is…

2. Always Trust Your Gut

I can safely say… that my gut has never failed me.


I mean I can genuinely never think of a time when my gut has let me down.

Not a single one.

Everytime something is about to go bad… my gut lets me know beforehand. And it's always right.

I mean all the big decisions of my life, when I look back on them, if I went down the wrong path, it was because I didn’t listen to my gut.

Always. Especially in business, but this applies too to relationships and other things too.

3. Never let someone else control the speed of your business

I mean I don’t care if your business is a Fortune 100 company or if you’re selling smoothies on a street corner.

Never let someone else control the speed of your business, because there will always be someone who wants to go faster or slower than you.


I mean I wake up at 5am. And by 5:10am, I could have already sent out a bunch of emails and slack messages or whatever.

Because that’s the speed that I want things to go at.

So never let anyone else control the speed of your business. Never.

If you wanna run, that’s cool, we can run… but if you wanna walk.


You’re just gonna have to walk somewhere else.


Do you have any flops in business? How did you overcome them and what did you learn from them? Let us know and tag us on social media.


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