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Episode 36: These Two Words Are Ruining Your Life

Episode 36: These Two Words Are Ruining Your Life

Hello everybody, and welcome, welcome, welcome to another episode of Kosmo Unfiltered.

As usual, it’s me and my man Wes…

And wherever you are in the world, thank you for joining us for this episode…

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Today’s episode is all about two words.

Just two.

“I” and “Can’t.”

“I can’t.”

So let’s jump right into this one!

Is This What You Mean?

So the way I see it is this.

When you say the words “I can’t” to someone…

You’re basically saying, “I’m too lazy to.”

That’s the real deal here.

You’re just saying to yourself that you don’t have a reason to do something, or that you can’t do it… or that you simply don’t even wanna try.

I mean, what kind of a mentality is that?

I mean, don’t get me wrong… there are times in the past when I’ve fallen guilty to this, but I always think it’s just a way to keep you from stretching yourself just that little bit further.

Like something to always keep you in ‘comfort mode.’

You know what I mean?

Just another way of taking the easy way out.

I mean, if someone in our office says it…

Well… ya better get the HR department on the phone.

It’s something I just hate putting up with. 

Here’s What I Do Instead…

You wanna know a solution that works perfectly?

Replace “I can’t” with another two words…

“How Can.”


“I can’t afford that. -> How can I afford that?”

“I can’t make time for that. -> How can I make time for that?”

And once you start doing that… it’s almost like your brain magically starts coming up with new solutions.

Wired to Protect Ourselves

Wes makes a brilliant point in today’s episode, he’s talking about an amazing book called ‘Dopamine Nation.’

And in that book, the author talks about how we literally get access to a dopamine rush with just the click of our fingers… actually more dopamine than our ancestors might get in their entire lives.

And the issue then is that the mind builds up more ‘pain receptors’ to respond to this crazy increase in dopamine that we are seeing.

Then the issue with that is we become way too comfortable, and it actually puts us into a position where we can say things like ‘No’ and ‘I can’t.’

Our brains just simply aren’t wired for living in the modern world. They were designed to keep us alive for thousands of years, but those neural circuits in our brain are the same ones that cause us to overreact and watch too much TV nowadays.

But man, see people who have that kind of attitude. I just don’t wanna be around that kinda stuff.

Just get away from me.

I don’t want anything to do with it.

Ahh… man… It just gets to me.


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