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Episode 35: A Simple Framework To Fix Your Life (That I Wish I’d Known Sooner)

Episode 35: A Simple Framework To Fix Your Life (That I Wish I’d Known Sooner)

Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome, welcome, welcome to another episode of Kosmo Unfiltered.

Once again, it’s the usual suspects… I’m joined by my man Wes…

And we are gonna be talkin’ about YOU.

We’re gonna teach about putting YOU first… everything here is about YOU.

Yes, you, reading this post.

And I think you’re gonna like it… it’s something I learned way too late in my life.

Oh, and by the way… if you DO like this episode… please feel free to like, comment, and subscribe if you can, and why not share with a friend?

But without further ado… let’s get right into it!

Here’s What You Have to Know

Basically, my problem was that I was a fixer.

I just loved to fix things. It was in my nature. Plus, I was good at it.

Now I know that kinda sounds like a good thing… but lemme tell ya…

There’s a time when people are going to want help… and there’s a time when they definitely aren’t going to want it!

So what do you have to do when others don’t want to be fixed…

You gotta fix yourself up.

I mean, there was one recent example that hit me really hard with this.

So a buddy of mine has this awesome program that’s for biz owners who want to scale up and stuff like that. It’s really awesome.

And so basically once I got into this room, I was talking with other business owners…

But I just couldn’t shut up.

And I was talkin’ and talkin’ and talkin’...

And I can’t remember how, but we eventually got onto talking about how I got burned one time.

And so now fast forward a couple of months, and we were at his house for dinner once.

And the thing about these dinners is when we all get together and talk business… s*** gets real, ya know?

So he mentioned to me about the time I got burned, and I just started talkin’ again…

And went on… and on… and on…

Then at the end, he just looked at me.

And just told me that I had to fix it.

I mean, that was a real eye-opener for me.

And eventually, I did go to get help for it… it’s a weird kind of therapy… almost like meditation. But it did work. I think it was around 10 sessions for me. But it can be a lot longer for others; it all just depends.

Like when I was growing up, I never felt safe. 

And through this therapy, I was able to find out why that was, + I came across ways of solving this.

But there was something else I realized too.

That was that it made me wonder:

How many times might I have made someone feel unsafe by the things I said or did.

All because of the stuff that I’ve been through. It may not have been my fault… but it was definitely my responsibility.

Hurt is Contagious

I mean, I think we’ve all heard the saying before:

Hurt people hurt people.

But lemme tella ya right now.

I know this sounds like some cheesy old chiché that you would see in a fancy picture on Instagram.

But this stuff is 1000% true.

It’s so true, and you probably don’t even know that you’re doing it.

And that is why you gotta fix yourself.

OK, you may have trauma in your life, but you have to fix yourself first.

That’s always the most important thing.


What are some ways that you can help fix yourself? Let us know and tag us on social media!


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