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Episode 24: Quit Bringing Others Down to Boost Your Ego

Episode 24: Quit Bringing Others Down to Boost Your Ego

Hello and welcome, welcome, welcome to episode 24 of Kosmo Unfiltered.

Today I’m joined, as usual, by my man Wes. 

Yup, sorry if you guys were expecting somebody new… but today it’s just us as usual ;).

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We’re gonna get into some deep stuff, and I don’t want you or your buddies to miss it.

So, without further ado… let’s get into it!

A Quick Warning

Oh… before we get into this…

I got something I wanna say.

See… uh… the thing is…

Everything that I say on this podcast comes with just a lil warning.

In fact, everything that I say or do comes with this little warning.

That warning is: 

Every single thing that Kosmo is talking about is something that he’s actually done before.

And today is no exception.

Anything we talk about, whether that’s burning things down or whatever other crazy crap that I say… I’ve lived through it before.

And in today’s episode, that’s more important than ever.

So, I got this story from a while back.

So basically, when me and my brother were young, we used to have like these little races.

We were pretty sneaky, too… when one of us got ahead, the other would grab him and pull him back.

Then the other would do the same thing. Like this huge war of like grabbing and pulling.

Then it dawned on me: What if I just quit grabbing and ran my own race.

I know I was just a kid at the time, so it was a little too soon for me to say at the time… but that one moment was like a crossroads in my life.

And that exact attitude has been so important for us in life, in business… literally everything that I do or say revolves around this little motto.

With this whole culture we have here about obsessing over celebrities that’s all fueled by jealousy and envy… there’s only one place that is the prime example of this behavior.

You Watch the News? Good. Watch Less.

Here’s a little exercise for ya.

Pick a news channel.

Then pick another one.

Then another one.

And you will notice: It’s all the same thing.

And in this country… It's the exact same thing with the politicians.

It’s like, OK… once you’ve made it to the top… you gotta realize now that it’s us vs. them. There’s no other way about it.

Now the only way that we can get ahead is by reaching out and grabbing onto the people who are catching up with us.

And ya know I watch all of this unfold in front of me…, and it kinda depresses me, man.

So, then it got me wondering why all of this stuff has to happen in the first place.

Here’s Why People Act Like S***Bags…

So here’s the exciting bit… because I have some real, hard data. Not just talkin’ about opinions anymore… These are the cold-hard facts.

This was a study done by Mary Elizebeth Dean on why people like to bring others down.

Take a listen to some of these…

Oh, and when you’re listening… try to see if you can pick any out that sound familiar.

- The need to feel superior to others

- Childhood trauma

- Low self-esteem

- A poor home life

- They have been bullied themselves

- Insecurity

- Poor education

- Lack of empathy

- Underlying mental health issues

Like man, I know that I could go through this list and pick out half of them that applied to my life.

Like I think there might be different layers to it, but childhood trauma is a big one for me, so is insecurity.

But anyway… Once you know which ones are the most important for you, that’s half the job done. All that matters from there is how you can go about changing it.


What is one thing you notice about yourself that you’re willing to change? Reach out to us and let us know on social media @kosmounfiltered!


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