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Episode 20: Do You Have the Heart to Stand Up for Yourself?

Episode 20: Do You Have the Heart to Stand Up for Yourself?

Hello everybody, and welcome, welcome, welcome to episode 20 of Kosmo Unfiltered! 

Now today’s episode is gonna be a special one.

I can already feel it.

I’m super looking forward to this one.

‘Cos today… we’re gonna be talking about Heart.

No, not the band. Something’ completely different.

Wanna find out? Then check it out!

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Most of Us Lack Heart

See, this is the issue, I think. Most of us just don’t have enough heart.

And I don’t mean to be a critic here. Like I know that I haven’t got enough heart.

Take this recent example:

So recently, I was asked to be a part of a project that, truthfully… I didn’t want to do it. Like I just didn’t have the time. Didn’t want to invest in doing it. 

But instead of having the heart to just say no… I said yes.


So I ended up reluctantly dragging my ass through it just to please people. Because I realized I was a people pleaser.

Then it was only when the event ended that I just stopped and then thought to myself, “Man, why did I do that.” 

I don't understand the point.

Like they got a half-assed Kosmo who didn’t wanna be there.

And I just didn’t care.

It got me thinking about it from a wider perspective, too. 

Like I don’t like to use this word lightly… but it seems there are so many sheep in the world nowadays. I realized that very few of us actually follow our own values. Most of us end up following other people.

Like the news promotes about two or three values nowadays. That’s it.

Like nowadays, we spend our entire lives afraid of wolves, and we get eaten by the shepherds.

That’s exactly where we are nowadays.

Like how many times have you seen people sharing those Facebook posts about other countries around the world?

Things like “One Like = One Prayer”

Did that really do any good in the long run? I don’t think it did.

A Warrior vs. Sheep vs. Wolf vs. Shepherd

Y’know, I just think to myself sometimes. 

Why not be a warrior?

What’s the downside?

I mean, it’s sure as hell better than just being a sheep!

You guys might think that this is pretty extreme, but hey… this is Kosmo UNFILTERED.

We’re all too busy facing each other and fighting with each other that we are missing the main point of it all!

While we all argue with each other on Facebook about Republicans and Democrats…

These politicians are making millions and millions of dollars by stock trading with insider information.

Which is illegal!

But the people don’t notice that stuff because they’re too busy arguing on Facebook or some bulls*** like that.

Wake up, people!

Like most people didn’t even know about that. And I’m not even making this stuff up, either!

Now I don’t want to get way too political about this, but my point is: Why don’t we stop arguing with each other and focus on what’s really going on.

‘Cos that’s what really matters in today’s world.

Like what if we had the heart to stand up and decide that we had enough. If we decided that we were going to take a stand and stop accepting it.

Could you imagine that?

Like I always think to myself: when you have heart, you can’t be bought.

When you have heart… nobody can buy you. Nobody can fully control you. You’re independent.


Are you a sheep, or are you a wolf? What could you do to have more heart in your life? Let us know on social media @kosmounfiltered!


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