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Episode 46: The 4 Weird Things I Do to 2x My Productivity

Episode 46: The 4 Weird Things I Do to 2x My Productivity

Hello and welcome, welcome, welcome to yet another episode of Kosmo Unfiltered.

Once again… as usual… it’s me… and the main man, Wes.

And today’s episode is gonna be a good one.

Because today’s gonna be the day that YOU get to hear all the crazy stuff that I do to be more productive.

And as usual, you know the drill… if you like what we’re doing, please make sure to leave us a like and drop us a comment.

And if ya really like what we’re doing… Why not share it with a friend? After all, we don’t run any ads or any promotions or any of that garbage. This is all we ask.

So without further ado… let’s get right into it!

Accountability Buddies

Yup, the first thing that I do to be more productive is have accountability buddies for my health. 

I mean the idea of it is pretty simple… It's just buddies who keep me accountable for hitting the gym.

I mean there’s nothing special about it.

But it works.

And let me tell ya these guys are brutal.

One of them didn’t actually come to the gym today as I’m writing this… so I’ll have to kick his ass.

But this kind of thing works in every aspect of your life. Be it health, business, with friends, it works!

Getting My Ass Outta Bed

Man this is the next thing. I mean the only person who really seems to be onboard with me on this one is Wes, I feel like everyone else doesn’t like it…

But I literally wake up at 5am every morning and SCREAM towards the day.

Like it physically pains me that I don’t have any meetings between 7am and 9am on my schedule.

Because those meetings would easily be my most productive.

But anyway, I’ll be up at 5am and by 5:05am I’m already sending people Slack messages and sending funny TikTok’s to Wes.

(I know he loves them.)

But that leads me into the next thing that I do:

Start Winding Down Early

I’m going to be honest here: I start winding down at 2pm.

Okay so I know most other people who work 9-5 will think about how ridiculous that sounds, but here is what ya gotta keep in mind:

By 2pm… I’ve basically already done a full working day

I mean like… it’s just not possible for me to keep working all the way until 5pm because that’s like a 12 hour day.

I mean I could do it, but I also gotta spend some time with my family, y’know what I mean?

And I gotta make sure I have some willpower left for the last thing here:

I Eat Healthy, But I make Damn Sure I Enjoy the Foods I like in Moderation!

That’s it, ladies and gentlemen.

That’s the exact way that I do it.

It’s probably the biggest thing that I’ve had to learn over the last two years or so.

Just being able to learn to eat the right things but also make space for what I like. Because it’s just not possible to cut everything out.

Like man, I love a good cheeseburger.

So sometimes, every now and again, if I feel like I’ve earned it, I’ll get myself one of them, or make some kind of healthy pizza or something.

And ya know what… when I feel like I’ve earned it, it tastes 1000X better, I’ll tell ya that.


Hey I wanna thank you for tuning in, what are some things you could do to become more productive? Let us know and tag us on social media!


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