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Episode 22: Can You Really Back Up Everything You Say?

Episode 22: Can You Really Back Up Everything You Say?

Hello there everybody, and welcome, welcome, welcome to another episode of the podcast. 

You know what?

I think today is gonna be a good episode.

Now you should be saying,

“But Kosmo, every episode is a good one.”


But I’m really looking forward to this one.

Because this one is about:

Time. Tells. Everything.

Or the way I think of it: Your actions reveal your soul.

Can you believe I thought that? How deep is that?

But anyway, make sure to leave us a like and subscribe to the podcast, and I hope you enjoy it!

Speaking to Fools

So basically, the way I see it, is that your actions reveal everything.

I mean, what actually are words at the end of the day? It’s just our lips blowing air out of our mouths in different shapes, really.

That’s all it is. It doesn’t mean anything on its own. It’s only the way that those words are perceived and then acted upon which is actually relevant. 

Like I heard this phrase one time which I love. I love this one.

“Speak to the fool… and the fool will rise.”

So originally, I heard this phrase in the context of kids. And it’s so true if you speak to your kids as if they’re un-trustworthy etc… well, that’s what you’re gonna get in return.

But if you treat them with respect and don’t… ya know… start to undermine them, then they’ll give you that same energy in return.

It’s reciprocity at the end of the day. Like our natural human instinct. And it works so much more than just with kids. 

Your co-workers, your friends, your spouse, anyone! Whatever kind of way you talk to them, they’ll reply to you in the same way.

That’s something that’s always stuck with me. But I always like to learn as I go.

Another thing I always say:

“Put up or shut up.”

At the end of the day, you gotta shut up sometime.

Like man, I seriously just can’t stand when people talk trash and just can’t back it up. 

This one goes way back for me. Like when I was growing up, in the little town that I grew up in… if you were to run your mouth, you were gonna get checked up real fast one way or another.

Real fricken quick… too.

Like I ain’t perfect, I’ve been in situations when I’ve tried to cut my way through, but it just didn’t work out.

Sometimes you gotta just stop talking and start putting the work in.

Like I remember a couple of episodes back, we were talking about how sometimes you gotta give trust and let them earn the mistrust… and there’s no better example than when it comes to hiring or firing someone.

So, when you’re being hired by someone, you’re putting your best foot forward, you’re talkin’ the talk…

But then when push comes to shove… you gotta show if you can walk the walk. And that’s the important bit.

Like there’s no area where that’s so, so important. Like can you really back up everything that you say?

How Far Can Your Word Take You?

You always hear, “A man is his word.” 

Like I get that, I get that.

But I wouldn't say that it’s totally true. 

I would say that your word is only really the beginning.

Being a real man means being able to give your word and then being able to back it up afterwards. That’s what it really means.

And I mean, actually back it up. Like backing it up with excellence. Back it up by making everything that you touch turn into gold. That’s what I mean.

Like think about this:

Everybody hates taking an L.

But I’ve always thought that when you get comfortable in your L’s, your W’s start to grow afterwards.

So I rarely try to let my mouth talk me into stuff.

Like one example that makes me laugh - back in high school, I used to learn brick-laying. Until eventually, one guy came to me and asked me if he thought I could bricklay his house. 

And my response… pretty naively, was “Absolutely.”

And I had never bricked a house in my life. I knew how to lay a brick, but that was literally about it. 

I mean, I guess he was being cheap. I mean, who the hell hires a 17-year-old to brick his house?!

But still…

I learnt my lesson!


Do you ever need to talk less and listen more? What was a recent example for you? Let us know on social media @kosmounfiltered!


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