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Episode 18: Let’s Make a Deal

Episode 18: Let’s Make a Deal

Hello and welcome, welcome, welcome to episode 18 of Kosmo Unfiltered.

Today, we’re gonna be talkin’ about something that humbled me in life.

It humbled me in business, in my financial life… and it humbled me just in general day-to-day life, too.

Ya’know, it’s exactly as my dad would teach me.

He’d always say to me: “Don’t listen to me, life will teach you everything you needa know.”

So anyway, let’s jump right into it! 

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Never Set Your Sights on a Deal

You know this is always somethin’ that I struggled with in life. I always had my sights set on a deal. I was never able to keep my feet on the ground in that sense.

Always had my head in the clouds.

But I’m kinda proud when talking about this. 

Because this was a habit of mine that I realized was wrong and that I was able to break FAST. And I was able to do it without a coach or without any kind of external help.

And I think now it’s something that has stayed with me. Ya’know it’s like hard-wired into me now, thanks to that.

And that kinda links in to somethin’ else I wanna talk about:

Bad People Can Make a Good Deal Worse

Like my example of this is one time I was gonna buy a flip house with a guy. We were gonna make a fair amount of money on it too.

And the guy I was doing it with was awesome. I loved the dude. I totally had my sights set on the deal. 

And that made everything better in that aspect. 

It works both ways: good people can make a bad deal better.

Like, think of two horses pulling a buggy along. They’re always gonna be aligned with each other. Side-by-side.

Cos if they ain’t, then they’re always gonna be imbalanced in how much work they are pulling.

So it works exactly the same way. If you’re making a deal with a great guy, and you are both totally balanced, a bad deal suddenly becomes a much better deal.

Values Make the Man

This dramatically changed my life when I found it out.

Now lemme explain.

Let’s go back to that example I mentioned earlier, you know about the house flip?

Basically, it was a great deal. Everything was sailing smoothly and set up beautifully.

But… I eventually realized that his values and my values as far as excellence are concerned were totally different. 

For example, he thought that the paint job and everything around the house was perfect. Not once did he think of the concrete, heaters, yard, or literally anything else important about the house.

This is why you always gotta be focused on the people you’re doing the deal with, and not just focused on the deal itself.

That was the mistake that I made.

Now, whenever I’m meeting someone, I always think to myself, “what are this person’s values.”

I mean, if I’m interviewing somebody, one of the first questions I’ll always ask is, “what are your values.”

I mean, I’m sure that a large majority of you guys either work at a business or own one. You guys know your business’ values?

Well, what are your own values? Your personal ones?

Ya’know? It’s just something I’ve come to realize is super, super important in any area of your life. Doesn’t just matter in business. What about love? Daily relationships? Your Spouse?

Frankly, it’s pretty hard to get along with anyone if their values aren’t aligned with yours.


When was a time you were too focused on the deal? What could you have done differently? Let us know on social media @kosmounfiltered.


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