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Episode 13: You’re Being Stolen From, I Promise…

Episode 13: You’re Being Stolen From, I Promise…

Hello and welcome, welcome, welcome to the latest episode of Kosmo Unfiltered.

As Wes rightly pointed out, this is a special landmark episode for us.


Because today, our podcast officially turns a teenager on its 13th episode.

Grows up so fast.

But anyway, let’s cut through the crap and get into the topic of today’s episode.

Today, we are gonna talk about how you’re being stolen from, whether you realize it or not!

The 24 Coins You Get Each Day

You get 24 coins every day to spend. I think you know where I’m heading with this one…

24 coins to spend. Can’t spend more than one every hour, either.

These coins are the amount of time or amount of attention that you give to someone. 

You know why they call it paying attention after all? Because you are literally paying something to another person and expecting to get a return back.

OK, so let’s talk through how the majority of people spend their coins.

  • Most of your coins are spent sleeping
  • Couple of coins getting ready for work 
  • Around 3-4 coins in meetings 
  • Another two or so gossiping with coworkers
  • More coins on your commute home 

Before you know it, you get back to your wife and kids without any more coins to spend.

Trading Time for Money

Let me preface this with there’s nothing wrong with swapping time for money. I did it plenty of times in my earlier days. 

I used to get paid about 2 dollars an hour working, which equates to about 80 dollars a week for 40 hours.

And I was young, and that was a long time ago, but I quickly realized that I was never going to get ahead if I stayed on the same path.

I was trading my coins in but definitely not getting a good return on them, which is what we’re looking for, right?

How Precious Your Coins Actually Are

Close your eyes ‘n’ think about this.

Imagine I gave you $24 a day to live on. To feed yourself. 

Would you just randomly start throwing away money to strangers?

Hell no!

So why the hell do you just chuck your time away to strangers? After all, even if you throw your money away you can always make it back, but you can never make the time back.

Once you give away 15 minutes with somebody, it’s gone forever.

There’s some things, for example, I always consider having someone’s phone number an honor.

It’s literally like they’re telling you: “I trust you so much that I’m gonna give you a direct line to steal some of my time at any time of the day whatsoever, regardless of the cause.”

Like that’s incredible, man. 

But with that, you always have to set boundaries. Always.

Like I know for a fact that if somebody has my number and they message me too many times, I’ll just remove their number. Simple. Nothing personal. No problems. I just don’t want them stealing my most valuable asset.

It’s these kinds of boundaries and limitations that you have to have. You also have to get strict on them too.

Because if you’re too lenient in giving away these coins, it’s all great fun until you get home, and it’s …

“Shoot, I can’t spend precious time with my kids tonight.”

Then that’s where bigger problems can start to arise.

Give One Coin and Get Two Tomorrow

Yup. Give me one coin today, and I will give you two of them tomorrow. That's the idea here.

I know I said that you can’t spend more than one coin every hour: but there is an exception.

When you invest your time into certain activities, they can offer you more coins to spend in the future. Some of these activities include:

  • Exercising
  • Reading
  • Meditation
  • Journalling

And many, many more.

Spend one coin on these every day, and in a few years, you could well end up in a position to spend 100 coins per day.

But get them wrong, and you could one day end up with less than five coins to spend. Trust me, that’s not a situation that you want to find yourself in.


How do you send your coins? What area should you be spending more in? Let us know by tweeting us @kosmounfiltered.


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