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Episode 50: The REAL Truth About The American Dream

Episode 50: The REAL Truth About The American Dream

Hello everyone and welcome, welcome, welcome to yet another episode of Kosmo Unfiltered.

As usual, it’s me and my boy Wes…

And in today’s episode we are gonna be discussing whether or not the American dream is really dead.

‘Cos I get people who tell me all the time that the dream is dead. And man, I can’t stand it when they say that to me.

So in today’s episode we are gonna uncover whether or not the dream is really dead and how you can attain it.

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But let’s get into it!

Is Uncle Sam Dead?

Man this all started when I had someone tell me recently that the American Dream was dead.

And I mean I just looked at him and said “What the f*** are you talkin’ about?!”

I mean if you ask me it is 100% alive.

I mean when I hear people say that kinda stuff I just think a couple of things to myself.

And one is that those people just wanna stay in their comfort zone.

They don’t have any ambitions, or any goals and they just wanna come home and watch Netflix and complain about whatever is going wrong in their lives.

But then you get the flip side, where people like me just can’t stay static. Have to be doing something. They’re often the kind of people who believe the dream is still alive, because they’re on their way to achieving it.

The #1 Thing I See in Successful Entrepreneurs

The number one thing I see in all successful entrepreneurs is hunger.


People that don’t get the success they want just don’t understand what hunger is. That’s their problem.

I mean I don’t know if it’s something that you can teach.

But for me I know that it’s just something I have with me.

I’m always hungry for success.

So when I say the American Dream, to me that means a place you can come to live your best life.

For me that means being successful in business, being financially independent, and having a happy family.

Is It As Simple As This?

I mean in my eyes it’s as simple as this:

If you think the American dream is dead… then it is dead.

If you think it’s alive… then it’s still alive.

That’s how it is.

And the people who like to sit around and moan about all the things wrong in the world are gonna find that for them, the American dream is impossible.

But when you’re hungry, willing to learn and want to develop yourself. Then it’s far from dead.

I mean it reminds me of what David Goggins used to say.

He would always say that when you think you can’t go any further, or when you think that you’re totally finished… you’re probably only around 40% of your maximum potential.

Like 40% of how far you COULD go.

That was something that always stuck with me.

Like I remember one time in the gym, I was squatting 385, (and I’m 210 for reference)...

And I just remember thinking to myself “This is not safe.”

But I put it on my back and once I changed my mindset, I was able to turn around and do it.

And once I joined the 1,000 lb deadlift club, I remember thinking to myself “You have GOT to lift this weight or someone is gonna shoot you in the head.”

And that was the motivation that I used.

And I got the video footage to prove that it wasn’t pretty… but I did it!

And that’s all that mattered.


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