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Episode 16: Strength From the Struggle

Episode 16: Strength From the Struggle

Hello and welcome, welcome, welcome… 

…To Episode 16 of our podcast.

Today, we’re gonna be talkin’ about something that every single one of you guys should be able to relate to.

That is: finding strength and resilience from the bad times.

So let’s not waste any more time and get straight into it!

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Let’s go!

The Storm Cycle

See, here’s the thing.

Storms are always around us.

And I don’t mean physical storms like weather warnings. I’m talkin’ about the rough patches in ya life.

The times things just ain’t goin’ as smoothly as you wanted.

And the thing is that you’re always either going into a storm, in the middle of one or coming out of one. Rarely an exception.

That’s the truth of it, braving these storms is something that we just have to learn to live with. 

So for me, for example, when I’m going through a storm, I just want to get in & out as soon as possible. 

Just take a deep breath, hit it head-first, then come out stronger on the other side. ASAP.

Why We Need The Storms

But the thing is that we need to have these storms.


So we can come out stronger on the other side. 

But it’s more than that. We need the storms in our life so that whenever the next storm comes along, we know exactly how to handle it.

This is where I think wisdom comes from. It’s where we grow.

Like for me, personally, when I think back to the storms I’ve had in my life - man, I can think of so many…

But the most brutal ones, the ones that I wasn’t sure would ever end, are the ones that hammered this home for me. 

Wes summarizes this beautifully. 

He was talking about pilots. How do they get trained to deal with high-stress situations during their training?

He was telling us it’s exactly like astronauts. 

They’ll have them in simulators, then simulate situations like a sudden loss of cabin pressure. They want the pilots to be able to recognize these kinds of signals, so they can be best prepared if that situation were to arise. 

You gotta know the signs of a storm coming and know how to prepare yourself.

Stepping Into the Healing Process

So what comes next?

Once you can feel the storm passing, there’s only one thing you got left to do.

You gotta start thinking about how you can get stronger again from it. 

In my eyes, the best thing to do here is to reflect.

For me personally, that often comes in the form of journaling.

I don’t always do it, but it really helps me to get the most from it.

It’s an easy way for me to think about what I might have done well and what I could do differently in this kinda situation.  

Because at the end of the day, it’s all about going from strength to strength.

The Problem With Weak People

See, I know a lot of weak people. 

And the common thing that I see amongst weak people is that they love excuses. Excusitis is what it’s known as. Any chance that they get, they will just flip the blame onto someone else.

So when they come out of a storm like this, these guys are totally oblivious to the idea that the storm could’ve been their fault.

They’re too busy in la-la-land doing who-knows-what. 

Too busy being the victim to accept the blame for the storm that they’ve gone through.

Like I get it - if you’ve had a rough childhood, or have endured any kind of tragedy, then you can be a victim of your life.

But seriously, if some dude takes your favorite parking spot, you ain’t a victim. Get over it.

But anyway, it’s always possible to turn these kinds of weaknesses into your own strengths.


Are you going through a storm? What lessons can you take from this? Let us know on social media @kosmounfiltered.


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